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The last two World Wars were fought around the Mediterranean and Pacific. Some 70 years later, dictated by global trade flows, the focus is on India and the Indian Ocean. The precursor, to the World Wars, was the dominance and control of sea borne spice trade routes started in 1490s.

Call it the “K- wave,” – after the much-ignored Russian economist  Nikolai  Kondratieff, defining long term economic cycles – the  Indian Ocean, it’s litoral countries Like India and its neighbours are now the center piece of the ‘economic mantle’.

Economic growth and defence spending are linked. City states like Florence, Pisa in Italy; the Chola empire and Moghul empire of the Indian Subcontinent; the Qing Empires of China, invested in militaries to protect trade.

Militaries require big bucks, an environment for innovation, respects for property rights, mutually assured benefits for corporations and finally convergence of national interests.

India is annually spending some $ 60 Billion – or some 16 percent of its budget — on military, making it the fourth such largest global spender.

This media venture is an effort to map all what India is doing in defence spending. And, along established tradition of liberal investigation; we intend to do that from the mirco to reach the macro picture. A defence manufacturing giant setting a partnership in India means jobs for the local community, increasing trust between two corporates and also a nation’s investment with another for a shared goal.
The venture is a coming together of the like-minded; professional and most importantly ideas with the aim to draw, explore and critique the India quest; to map the flows and counter flows of technology advancement in all domains – the legacy – land, air and sea- and new frontier i.e. cyber and space as well. Our pool includes experienced chroniclers, practicing managers, strategic thinkers, innovators, among others. 

Editor: K.Dey


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